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5 proprietary apps: An update

I knew that my last post was bound to inspire some criticism. However, I’m new enough at this that I haven’t yet adopted the jaded “everyone who disagrees is a troll, so I should just ignore them and move on” attitude. At least not yet, no promises for the future:) Actually, some of you had […]

5 proprietary alternatives that are just better.

I’ve been seeing a lot of “open source alternative” lists on digg, slashdot, dzone, etc… recently. You know the kind. “Top 5 open source alternatives to popular proprietary software”. The vast majority of these lists have about a 50% hit rate. The misses, as I consider them to be, don’t have any real advantage to […]

Where for art thou, Zooomr?

I was recently turned on to “Zooomr”:, a pretty impressive startup and recent addition to the online photo-sharing space. I dig on the unlimited monthly uploads, the free access to original versions of your pictures (Damnit, “Flickr”:!), and the fact that it was coded by a mad genius. In fact, I was fully prepared to […]