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I’ve moved download & forum links over to the sidebar. Also, I released version 0.4.3, which contains the following bugfixes Bugfixes: *Fixed issue where Flickr was only downloading first 500 images. *Fixed occasional stopping of import before all images were downloaded *Fixed problem where non-pro accounts were downloading invalid images when no “Large” version existed. […]

Migratr 0.4.0, now with SmugMug Support!

“Download Here”: “Migratr Forums”: Just finished adding “SmugMug”: support. Also did some re-factoring, so adding services (even ones that don’t use the Flickr API ) should be a lot faster now. SmugMug is a VERY slick-looking service, and it really seems geared more towards people who want to make money off their photography than for […]

Migratr 0.3: Officially the fastest release schedule in software history.

“Download”: “Forums”: I spent another day coding like mad- Trying to get Migratr as mature as possible before Zooomr allows bulk uploads and it really gets put to work. Changes in this version: BUGFIXES: *No longer names files by title, as this was causing naming with illegal characters. Now uses photoID. FEATURES: *Choose Upload/Download sources: […]

Migratr 0.1.3, just a day later!

Hot on it’s own heels, chasing it’s own tail. After getting some feedback, I’ve made a few changes to how Migratr works. New in 0.1.3: * Completely redesigned UI. Instead of a swath of buttons telling you what order to click them in, it’s a much more streamlined system. * Those with Pro accounts should […]

Migratr 0.1 Released

Lately I’ve become more and more enamored with Zooomr, but have been yearning for a free and easy way to get all my Flickr stuff moved over. Unfortunately, there has been some hooplah surrounding giving API keys to direct competitors who’ll just use them to suck up bandwidth and steal users. However, there’s nothing stopping […]