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Quick bugfix

There was a small bug in the version I just released which would prevent you from uploading pictures which you downloaded from picasaweb. My mistake. Anyway, it’s fixed now. Hooray! [download#1#image]

Migratr 0.6.2, added Picasa Web Support

Hit the big giant button to download the new version! [download#1#image] Two changes in this release: *Google Picasaweb has been added to the list of Migratr’s supported services! Yippee, hooray! *A minor bugfix- Since 23HQ doesn’t display titles, exports to 23HQ now move the title to the top line of the description. Thanks to “splitbrain”: […]

Migratr 0.5, now with album support

To download Migratr, click on the Big Giant Button! [download#1#image] “Migratr Forums”: Just added album support to Migratr. I was going to toss in a few extra things before releasing a version, but it’s been a little while since my last release, I figured I’d stick with the “incremental” approach. So, Changelog: New in Migratr […]