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0.9.3 – Bugfix release

Downloaded a total of 131726 times I know, you’ve gotten used to me dispensing amazing features and brand new services on a weekly basis. However, in the process of helping a user migrate a huge photo collection, I came across a significant set of bugs that needed fixing, before I moved on to adding anything […]

Phanfare, resume, and a few bugfixes.

Downloaded a total of 131726 times Good times keep on rollin’, huh? This is a pretty good-sized update, so without further ado: Changes in version 0.9.0: Features: – “Phanfare”: support added! Yet another photo sharing site added to our collection of services. Thanks especially go to the users who cast their vote in the forums. […]

Migratr 0.8.0 – Back in the game!

The data recovery went very well, and I was able to get all my data back without a problem! I’ve gone through and did some proactive re-factoring of the source code, to make features a lot easier to add in the future. Migratr 0.8.0 comes with a few new features. * support – Yet […]