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what to wear to a casino

Hello there friends! A few new things in this version: 1. Support has been added for Gallery 2. This has been tested on 2.2.3, but should work with all 2.x versions. As a sidenote, this requires that you have the “Remote” module installed in your Gallery 2 installation (since Migratr uses the same API as […]

Takin’ a crack at ImageStation

Hello again, loyal fans! A fellow developer gave me some pointers on how I might be able to accomplish migration of data from one of the latest additions to the Photo-Sharing Deadpool, ImageStation. I consider closing sites to be of the highest priority, however, since they’re not allowing new accounts (And while this might indicate […]

What’s Happening with Migratr.

It’s been a little while since a new version came out. I know Migratr was typically on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, and it hasn’t been lately. I feel like it’s necessary to drop in a note and just let everyone know what’s going on with Migratr. Migratr is still under active development. I haven’t […]