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Migratr 1.01 – Quick update to ordering flickr images.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from a lot of users who are using Migratr to move photos between flickr accounts.  Because of the way flickr orders photos (they place the most recent photos first), downloading from one flickr account and uploading to a different flickr account flips the ordering of all your photos, messing […]

Migratr 1.0.0 – New Upload UI, Phanfare 2, and OMG ZOOOMR

Sometime around a year ago, I posted my first version of Migratr.  It was a small application, with one screen and six buttons, whose soul purpose was to help me (and anyone else who wanted), move their photos from Flickr to Zooomr. Needless to say, Migratr has changed a lot since then.  It has a […]