About Me

About Me

My name is Alexander Lucas, and I’m a software developer, currently residing in Tucson, Arizona. I’ve been a computer enthusiast since around the age of 5, when my parents brought home an Apple IIGS. I learned to program in College, and graduated from the University of Arizona in December of 2005, with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

As far as my programming experience goes, I am proficient in Java and C#, and quite comfortable in C. My current language of choice is C#, but I subscribe to the idea that one should always use “the best language for the job”- from the set of languages I actually know well enough to use. To that end, I make it a point to learn at least 1 new language a year, which has led me down the paths of Perl, Ruby, Icon, ML and even Prolog. I wouldn’t classify every programming language out there as useful, and I certainly wouldn’t ascribe the infinite praise (or ire) for any of them that one can find on slashdot, but every new programming language I’ve learned has broadened the way I think about programming, what is possible to solve elegantly, and how easy it can be to express seemingly abstract concepts to a machine. The “1 language a year” approach is gold, I recommend it to anyone.

About CallingShotgun.Net

This site serves a few purposes for me. For one, it’s a launchpad for my personal projects, such as Migratr. It lets me have a location to direct people to who might be interested in said projects.

The other main purpose is self-expression. There are a few tech bloggers out there who consistently impress me with their insight and perspective (namely Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood), and at some point I realized that the blogging community had stopped being about online journals, stopped being (just a) mass of singular opinions all being shouted over eachother, and started becoming a conversation. And while I won’t claim to have as much to offer as the two I’ve mentioned above, it struck me as a conversation I’d like to join.

Personal Projects

Migratr – Moves photos (with metadata) between popular photo-sharing services.

If I wanted to contact you, could I? And How?

AIM: insanealex
Email/Jabber: callingshotgun@gmail.com

You can ask me pretty much anything you want. All I ask is that if it’s about one of my personal projects, you do so in my forums, so that others can benefit from the dialog.