Killing the Fencepost in C#: A handy code snippet

A short while ago, a buddy was saying how learning Lisp had made him start thinking of everything in terms of map/reduce. As an example he gave me an example of a recent python snippet he’d written. return reduce(lambda l, r: l + seperator + r, (str(s) for s in values)) While I’m not going […]

Lines Of Code – Dispelling The Myths

You see stuff related to Lines Of Code (LOC) everywhere on programming blogs. People discussing it as a metric of project size, or of programmer productivity, often drawing conclusions in absolutist tones such as “fewer lines of code means less bugs”. I’m writing today to dispute the idea that anything related to LOC is absolute. […]

The Software Approach to Flyswatters.

Adam: in other words it’s a sledgehammer for swatting flies. A sledgehammer with lots of knobs and dials on it that all must be set for its user’s height and weight, and the age in hours and zodiac sign of the fly you’re swatting. Adam: This seems to be common in microsoft tools and APIs. […]

The Potential of OpenID, why we’re not there yet, and why Videntity is close.

I recently fell in love with OpenID. Or at least, what I believe OpenID could _someday be_. The essential idea, decentralized identity management- Being constantly signed in to all your services at once, being able to sign up for new services on the fly without keeping track of yet another username/password, and most important of […]

5 proprietary apps: An update

I knew that my last post was bound to inspire some criticism. However, I’m new enough at this that I haven’t yet adopted the jaded “everyone who disagrees is a troll, so I should just ignore them and move on” attitude. At least not yet, no promises for the future:) Actually, some of you had […]