Zenfolio/Menalto woes

There’s been a bit of a surge of reports of late that Migratr crashes on export to Zenfolio. I just got an email from them mentioning this and suggesting that I should update my API endpoints (I’m pointing to an older version of the API- Far back enough to be before they started versioning for […]

Mixed Feelings on The Sumo Omni Plus

I just received my Sumo Omni Plus yesterday. I’ve been excited about getting this thing for weeks, but after setting everything up, I noticed it was missing something- The straps. If you go to the website, you’ll notice that in the pictures of the product, this monstrous beast of a pillow-chair-thing has straps on the […]

Phanfare, resume, and a few bugfixes.

Downloaded a total of 131726 times Good times keep on rollin’, huh? This is a pretty good-sized update, so without further ado: Changes in version 0.9.0: Features: – “Phanfare”:http://www.phanfare.com support added! Yet another photo sharing site added to our collection of services. Thanks especially go to the users who cast their vote in the forums. […]