0.9.3 – Bugfix release


I know, you’ve gotten used to me dispensing amazing features and brand new services on a weekly basis. However, in the process of helping a user migrate a huge photo collection, I came across a significant set of bugs that needed fixing, before I moved on to adding anything else.


*Smugmug importing: There was a fringe case where having an empty album would cause Migratr to bail out. This has been fixed (those of you who were still having trouble with SmugMug, give it a crack)

*Crash on beginning of export when pending.txt was present: Fixed. Sorry about that, it was a rather ridiculous bug, due to same bad code as the next one…

* Crazy fringe case where, sometimes, exporting would result in your photodata.xml being overwritten (along with all your metadata).

Wacky stuff, but it should all be flowing like sugar & honey now.

Also, don’t forget to drop by “the feature poll”:http://forums.callingshotgun.net/viewtopic.php?t=65 and tell me what kind of stuff you’d like to see added next! Currently it’s a tie between privacy settings (public/private photos), and ZenFolio support.

Enjoy the release!


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[…] Migratr 0.9.3 has been released which fixes numerous bugs which were discovered after importing a large photo collection. These fixes include, SmugMug importing, Crashing on the beginning of export, and some other wacky stuff. Alex has also posted a feature poll where users can tell him what features they would like to see added to the program. Download the latest release here. […]

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