Maintanence Update

I’ve moved download & forum links over to the sidebar.

Also, I released version 0.4.3, which contains the following bugfixes


A quick reminder, Migratr now fully supports import AND export between SmugMug, Flickr, and 23hq. It WILL support Zooomr soon- All the code is there, I’m just waiting for bulk uploaders to be re-enabled so I can test it.

As a sidenote- Migratr is getting ever-closer to being a solid 1.0 application, but I need testers! Any of you out there with SmugMug, Flickr, and 23HQ accounts… Pro, non-pro, Windows XP, SP2, Vista… .Net Framework 2.0 or 3.0 installed. All of you. I need feedback! Play around with it for a while, and pop into the forums. Tell me what you like, what you don’t, what you think should be added, how you think stuff should behave. I’m not going to promise I’ll agree with all of you 100% of the time, but I take everything into account. You won’t be raining on my parade. You’ll be raining on my plants:P


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Hi Alex, I’m in progress of trying the Migratr to get my photos from Flickr to 23hq. At the moment the software is downloading, but the program status is shown as “keine Rückmeldung” – does not react ( I have no clue what Win XP would put there in english, but I guess you get the meaning). This might confuse users. Its just a small thing till now. Will get back when I’m done

Me again, I just finished uploading photos to 23hq. The program aborted once during upload with no special reason. I did not want to upload the same photos again, so I edited the .xml file, erasing the info about photos that were already uploaded. That worked for me.

Maybe you should write information about the last opened photo into the xml-file, so that you have a hint for your program where it needs to go on, if it does abort. Just an Idea.

Well, I’m happy! All my photos are transfered to 23hq now – including tags and descriptions. Only need to file them into Albums again!

Thank you for a good job writing this program!

Hi – might sound like a strange request, but could you enable Migratr to upload files from a folder as well? Haven’t found a convenient way to do this for 23hq, and my browser keeps on crashing.

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