Sometime around a year ago, I posted my first version of Migratr.  It was a small application, with one screen and six buttons, whose soul purpose was to help me (and anyone else who wanted), move their photos from Flickr to Zooomr.

Needless to say, Migratr has changed a lot since then.  It has a genuinely easy-to-navigate UI, lets you move photos and metadata in any direction between a solid selection of different photoservices, and has been embraced by the photographic and web-enthusiastic communities.

It did have one fatal flaw, though.  Upon the release of Zooomr’s Mark III release, the API was “temporarily disabled” for a week, which turned into a month, which turned into a year.  Migratr could not interact with the webservice which had been its initial inspiration.  To say I was saddened, to say I was frustrated, to say I “sort of nagged” Kris Tate about getting the API back up and securing access to it, would all be understatements.  I was seriously bummed.  I hated disabling the Zooomr button in the Migratr UI.  And oh my god, when it came to Kris, I was like some sort of mother in law from hell.  Honestly, I tried to be polite about it, and whether he believes it or not I DID restrain myself.  But I bugged him, relentlessly, mercilessly.  I did it over email, IM, the zooomr-dev google group, and his zipline.  I simply refused to take “soon” as an answer (good thing, too).  Eventually the service got to a point where he could hand out API keys, and Kris was kind enough to hook me up.  I said in earlier posts that I wouldn’t feel Migratr was 1.0 until it had Zooomr support back.  Friends, users, countrymen… That day is finally here.

New Features in Migratr 1.0.0:

*Zooomr Support

*Phanfare 2 support (Phanfare 1 support is still active, as a different button)

*New Upload Screen

Major Changes

*Backend change from .NET framework 2.0 to  3.5 (Might require its own download, depending on your setup)

I made the hop from .NET Framework 2.0 -> 3.5 because the new additions to the framework are amazingly helpful to my ability to develop Migratr efficiently, and write elegant, maintainable code that I can immediately understand when I look at it again a month after writing it.  I’m sorry it will require a 20 MB download for you if you’ don’t have it already, but I can tell you with complete honesty that from my end, it’s a major contribution to the development process.

The new upload screen bears explanation.  Instead of simply choosing the folder on your hard drive to upload from and letting Migratr go to town, “Choose a folder” will instead load all your photos into a tree of checkboxes, labelled by filename.  From here you can actually choose which files you want to upload to the new service.  They tree out by album they are contained in, too, for easy organization.

After you’ve selected which photos you actually want to upload, just hit “Start Migrating” to actually start the migration.  Neato, huh?

So far all of you who have been itching to get in or out of Zooomr (or the new version of Phanfare), hit the download button and enjoy!


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Alex, I’m sincerely sorry if our minimal contact came off as if I don’t care about your awesome work with Migratr!

I must apologize, when Zooomr Mark III released, we were in an impossible spot. We didn’t have good hardware, our bandwidth costs were going through the roof with hardly anyone giving us a hand — it was ugly. But things have changed since then and I think Zooomr has really grown up!

Thankfully, we now have a team of 15 hardworking people and 4x the infrastructure we had in the US! This, plus your hard work and the love and attention from many of our users worldwide has made Zooomr better than I ever imagined more than 2 years ago when I was sitting in my 1 bedroom studio, first hacking away on what we all know and love as Zooomr.

I really want to give you my thanks for sticking around and working on what you believe in!

Things are about to get really exciting.

cto & founder – zooomr

Hey..migratr is still showing 0.9.9 when its 1.0.0. I thought I had download the buggy version when I get the unhanded exception error then realise I had to upgrade my .net framework. Great program anyway thats what i was look for!!


There was never a great genius without a tincture of madness. – Aristotle

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