Takin’ a crack at ImageStation

Hello again, loyal fans!

A fellow developer gave me some pointers on how I might be able to accomplish migration of data from one of the latest additions to the Photo-Sharing Deadpool, ImageStation. I consider closing sites to be of the highest priority, however, since they’re not allowing new accounts (And while this might indicate why they’re closing, I never heard of them before they actually announced the service was shutting down), I have no way to code against their website.

So I’m asking you guys for a favor. If you have an active ImageStation account with photos on it (preferably with at least SOME metadata… tags, album, description, etc), and are willing to let me use your account as a guinnea pig, I would GREATLY appreciate if you emailed me the login/pass information for your account. My personal email address is callingshotgun@gmail.com. Of course, I will treat this information with the utmost confidence.

What will you be getting out of this, you might ask? Fair question. After all, I’m asking you for LOGIN INFORMATION. That’s kind of ridiculous, and it’s not something I normally like to do. But here’s the deal… You’ll be helping me help you (and countless other stranded users) move your photos to wherever you want- Not roach-motelling them into Shutterfly, which offers no API, and not having to pay them money to burn a DVD and mail it to you. Your choices as of the current version of Migratr will include moving to SmugMug, Phanfare, Flickr, PicasaWeb, Zenfolio, and 23HQ. Or heck, letting migratr just download all the photos and all your metadata to your hard drive, and letting you do whatever you want from there.

So, there it is. I’m asking you. I’m begging you.

Help me set your photos free.


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Still need an account? I’d be happy to turn mine over for the good of the cause, just let me know if you’re still looking.

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